Welcome to the Buena Vista Dog Park Discovery Committee

We are working on studying the feasibility of a dog park at the site, please check back in the spring 2013 for further updates.

Committee Meeting Minutes

February Minutes - February 16, 2012 - View/Print
April Minutes - April 26, 2012 - View/Print

Our Mission

Hampden Community Council approved Medfield Community Association's proposal for a dog park "discovery committee" to conduct a dog park "feasibility study" for the site known at Buena Vista Park located on Buena Vista Avenue and 40th Street in Hampden along the Hampden, Medfield & Woodberry community borders.

The discovery committee with report directly to the Hampden Zoning Committee with input from the Medfield & Woodberry communities. Then once the support group is identified and the process is begun, the Rec and Parks Dept will hold meetings with the stakeholders ~ community associations, residents, etc ~ to discuss possible ideas. And they work pretty hard to make everyone happy. If a dog park is feasible, the communities and supporters will also need to decide whether they want an off-leash area or a fenced dog park.

In addition, Baltimore City plans to upgrade the playground at the Buena Vista Community Park in Hampden for the first time in 20 years. Current plans call for replacing swings, a “climber” and the playground equipment in the 2.6-acre park at 4001 Buena Vista Ave in Hampden, Baltimore, MD 21211.

The Buena Vista Dog Park "feasibility study" will include:

  • The Buena Vista Park Site Plan
  • Operation Options/Models
  • Communications Plan
  • Potential Costs
  • Timeline


Mailing Address: Buena Vista Dog Park Committee, P.O. Box 4736, Baltimore, Maryland 21211